Sodalite Meaning
Sodalite Meaning

Sodalite Gemstone Symbolism, Attributes & Characteristics

Sodalite is a dark glowing blue colored stone with white-colored designs. It is often wrongly identified as lapis lazuli because of the little specks of pyrite on it. The biggest lodge of sodalite can be found in Brazil. Sodalite is popularly known as the gemstone for writers.

A lightweight with fairly tough yet delicate substance, sodalite is termed after its salt content material. In mineralogy, sodalite can be categorized under feldspathoid. It features other colors apart from its popular blue shade such as green, yellow, gray, or light red.  Some sodalite stones are mottled with white-colored blood vessels. Blue shaded sodalite stones are the ones mostly used for making jewelries. These kinds are usually transformed into cabochons and beads. 

Just like lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite hardly contains pyrite (a typical element in lapis). Its blue shade appears like the conventional regal glowing blue and not the ultramarine. It can be easily distinguished from its comparable minerals because of the white-colored designs. 

Sodalite is not just a gemstone. It is not only used to create precious decorations at home or in the body as jewelries. It actually carries limitless benefits, which many of us haven’t recognized. To begin with, the sodalite stone supports the elimination of old psychological habits. It encourages inner serenity; thus, developing peace of mind. It improves relaxation qualities and helps the mind takes away all the pressure of thinking rationally. Sodalite is a good stabilizer for the inner being or even for the cognizant and depths of the mind. It motivates calmness and generates a harmonious relationship.

People who are sensitive and prone to reactions without control must take this stone to change the way they respond to their environment in the most proper way. From psychological to logical thinking, this stone is extremely effective in clearing up the negative vibes settling in the human mind. It improves a person’s way of reasoning as it slowly develops good mental performance. Sodalite also helps individuals understand their own personal emotions. Moreover, it does not transmit its positive aura just to one person, but to a team or group.  A sports team, for example, that is using this stone can have confidence shared among all members. 

Anxiety, tensions, anger, and other related damaging feelings are among the targets of the sodalite stone. It helps the body take away all these negative and sickening emotions and replace it with a soothing and relaxing behavior. 

Therapeutic, Health Care, Physical Aspects

There are a lot of other good things you can extract from the Sodalite stone than you can imagine. Carrying it can help in managing digestive tract ailments. Diarrhea, hyperacidity, or any stomach health related issues can be well prevented by the stone. It shields your body from acquiring such disorders. When it comes to fitness forms, the sodalite stone can induce adequate strength to your body to withstand physical activities. It cools down fevers, eliminates thyroid problems, and reduces the level of high blood pressure. If you are diabetic, then this stone should be one of your weapons to survive from such a disease. Sodalite is also known well for fighting against diabetic issues as well as overcoming the lack of calcium. By simply wearing any jewelry like a ring or necklace with a sodalite stone on it enables you to grab as much benefits as explained above.  

Other than the advantages previously mentioned, more uses of the sodalite stone focus on helping people enhance their communication skills. It promotes self-confidence that allows a person to effectively speak to others. Furthermore, it aids in weight reduction. Cutting down excess bodyweight can be made easier with this stone as it boosts metabolism and energizes the assimilation of fluids in the body. Sodalite also delivers a positive impact in the lymphatic system and deals with problems targeting the neck, larynx, and oral cords. When it comes to balancing the mental aspect of humans, this stone is also a big help. It stabilizes the psychological aspect of a person and relaxes the mind and body when anxiety attacks. 

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